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Digital marketing is the future and search advertising is one of the best ways for a business to tap the market. It is also called sponsored advertisement, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, cost-per-click marketing, and others. You might have seen so many links with a tagline ad, or sponsored when you search for a product or service. This is the work of search advertising. It is a technique where ADs display the search results by matching the perfect query.

Once, you will avail of the services of ASH WebTech, you too can be on the first page of Google at that place. Search advertising is very effective and provides good ROI to all sorts of businesses. As a digital marketing company in Chicago, USA, We will chalk out a plan that will increase your brand visibility and business prospects. We offer search advertising services on Google. Google is one of the leading providers of search ads and it follows transparent and professional ways of fixing pricing for different keywords.

If Someone looks for a product or service, the search engine presents two types of results:- Sponsored and organic results. Mainly organic results show in between the pages whereas sponsored advertisement shows at the top and bottom of the page. It is not certain that you will get sponsored advertisements all the time. In case of no such ads for that particular keyword, you will not see an advertisement. The search engine typically indicates which results are sponsored so you get a fair idea about the organic results. The color and texting of the sponsored results are also different to make you understand.

Google is one of the best and highly used search engine and technology companies. Its services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Doc, Google Drive, Play store, etc have billions of users worldwide. The company offers advertising options for a business that is called Google Ad management services.

The services help you to show your ads along Side the searches so that you can target the customer in a better way. However, the Google ad services are a paid service and for a business, it is not feasible to do all that to avail the services of Google advertising. That is why it is important to contact external Google ad management Services Companies like ASH WebTech. Once you hire us for your entire Google Ads, we ensure that you get the best out of the advertising at nominal prices.


  • Google (77.43%)
  • Baidu (8.13%)
  • Microsoft Bing (7.31%)
  • Yahoo (5.6%)
  • Ask (0.13%)
  • What Are The Factors That Determine The Appearance Of Advertisements On Google

    1. RELEVANCE: This is the one important aspects of the search advertisement. Google applies various methodologies to understand the relevance of the searches. Every search engine company analysis content of each ad to determine how well it relates to the query. It helps in showing the required information to the users thus giving a great-searching experience to the users. Google will not show the shops located in Chicago when someone searches shirt store near me from Illinois. The company uses location, past searches, social media accounts, and other aspects to understand the relevance of the ads.

    2. ADVERTISEMENT FORMAT: Google uses the methodology to understand various advertisement formats. So someone looking for summarizes data will not like a link with heavy data. Google read and analyzed valuable extensions, structured data, extra information, ratings, directions, prices, directions, phone numbers, and others too.

    3. LANDING-PAGE EXPERIENCE FOR USERS: You should know that highly relevant landing pages get a higher AD Rank score. So despite having an advertisement for a particular keyword, if your website does not have relevance, original content, easy navigation, and transparency, it is possible that your ad will not appear. It is always advisable to contact a good digital marketing company like ASH WebTech for original content creation, SEO-Friendly content, responsive websites, and easy navigation.

    4. GOOGLE ALGORITHMS: Google also emphasizes the expected click-through rate that is a type of estimation based on a self-learning system. Google has a fair idea about the click-through rates of all the ADs it displays with various ways like users “upvote”. Consequently, Google shows more of what they like and estimates the rates for all future ads.

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